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Agoura Hills Courthouse

The city of Agoura Hills as well as all of the cities that surround it use the Burbank Courthouse for all of its legal needs. The Burbank courthouse is one of the courthouses in the county of Los Angeles and serves a wide variety of cities. However, if you need to handle some minor legal work, there are a few other courthouses closer to the city.


The Burbank Courthouse is the courthouse that the Agoura Hills Police Station will send all of its criminals. There are a numbered of courthouses that handle criminal cases, which is they would send their cases to a courthouse that is a little farther away than some others. The Burbank courthouse is located at 300 East Olive Burbank, CA 91502, which is not that far away from Agoura Hills.


This courthouse has served the city of Agoura Hills for many years and will continue to do so for many more years to come. If anyone is arrested in the city of Agoura Hills or any city around Agoura Hills, he or she will most likely be visiting this courthouse to handle his or her case. This facility does not only handle criminal cases, but they also have a Traffic Division and a Civil Division to handle any traffic tickets or civil disputes that somebody may have. When you first enter the courthouse, you will have to put all of your belongings in a tray that will then be put through an x-ray machine.


You will also have to walk through a metal detector with one or two officers observing the entire time. This is to make sure that everyone in the courthouse is as safe as possible at all times and that you could have the sense of security as you handle your legal needs in the courthouse. If you do not bail out of jail before your court date, then you will be transferred to the courthouse via bus and will remain under police supervision until your case is called and then you will be transferred back to county jail. The courthouse takes the safety of everyone very seriously, which is why the police have their very own office in the building.


This is where they stationed police officers work out of to monitor security cameras and remain until needed. There are also officers that patrol the halls of the courthouse to watch over everyone and not to mention all of the officers that are there for their court appearances as well. The courthouse is very busy and it is up to the police and everybody inside the courthouse to make sure that everyone is safe. If you see anything suspicious, it will not be hard for you to notify an officer of any activity.

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