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How Bail Bonds Work In Agoura Hills!

Once in jail, the defendant needs to go through the following booking process:

· The defendant’s belonging will be taken hold off.

· The defendant’s personal information along with a mug shot will be taken and inserted into the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Database.

· The defendant will get their fingerprints scanned via the LiveScan Machine which is connected to the Department of Justice. 

· The defendant's information will be checked to determine if they are wanted by any other state or department.

· The defendant will not be released on bail until the results from the LiveScan are received.

· As soon as you contact Agoura Hills Bail Bonds, our professional agent will contact the jail to get the necessary information to start the bail process. Our agent will contact you to meet and fill out all the necessary paperwork.

· Once the paperwork is filled out, our agent will contact the jail again to find out if the defendant has been cleared for bail. 

· Once the defendant is out of jail, they will be asked to sign some paperwork and handed a receipt for the bond bearing all the court information.

· The defendant will have to show up to all their court dates otherwise the court will issue a bench warrant.

· Once the case is completed, the court will discharge the bond, which means that the bail bond is finished and will no longer affect the defendant.

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