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String Of Robberies Finally Over

The citizens of Agoura Hills have been sleeping with one eye open lately due to an uncommon increase in robberies in the entire city over the past month. Homeowners began taking more precautions including installing security systems and cameras. Police say that there has been a very big increase in home robberies in this city and they were running out of leads to find out why. However, thanks to the security cameras, police were able to finally put a face behind the robberies and the chase began. Investigators believed that two men were responsible for all of the robberies and were able to keep their attacks to only houses without anybody inside and only spent about five minutes in each house. However, with the new footage, police finally knew who they were looking for and finally apprehended the men at a local gas station. The police were able to match a vehicle at the gas station to one they found on a security camera.

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