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Teenager Accused Of Murder and More

A teenager accused of murdering an elderly couple near Agoura Hills in January 2013 is facing new assault charges this coming week. Police say the 19-year-old felon was caught assaulting an inmate in the Los Angeles County jail where he is being held still awaiting his murder trial to commence. According to the police, the young man punched another inmate in the head twice while they were outside for their hour of free time. A nurse discovered the injuries after the victim was called into her office. The victim told the nurse he didn't say anything "because he was in fear of his family and himself being hurt. The victim underwent surgery for a broken nose after the injuries were discovered by a mobile X-Ray unit, according to one of the police officers that were on duty at the time. He also had a black eye and numerous contusions to his head and face. The video surveillance at the jail recorded the jail assault, according to the warden of the jail. The young man was charged with murder, armed criminal action, burglary, robbery, tampering with evidence, tampering with a motor vehicle and property damage connected to the deaths of an elderly couple who were vacationing at their son’s house for the new year celebrations. Along with those charges, the young suspect will also have to face charges for the assault he committed while he was in jail.


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